Alcoholic Beverages and Bartenders Services

Exclusive Bartending Service Provider



Over 30 years in business

Fully insured with Liquor Liability Insurance

We are a Special Event Contractor with the AZ Liquor Board

Do not use independent contractors for your safety


All Events having Alcohol Beverages must be Contracted with our Exclusive Bartending Service

Glendale Civic Center Liquor Policies

• Pour Masters is the Glendale Civic Center’s exclusive Bartending Service. 

• All Events having alcoholic beverages will need to contract Pour Masters for their services in order to have alcohol.

• Pour Masters offers assorted packages with beer, wine and spirits with bartending services.  

• Events may bring in their own alcohol providing they have contracted Pour Masters to serve it.

• See for more information.

Cash Bars Require a Special Event Liquor Permit

For any event wanting a Cash Bar at their event, a Special Event Liquor License is required.

• Your Event Coordinator will provide you with website address to where to fill out a Special Event Liquor Application. 

• Select a Non- Profit organization of your choice and fill out the application.

• $25.00 City permit fee

• Once application is approved by the City of Glendale, they will contact you for pick up. 

• You will need to take the approved application to the Arizona State Liquor Board for final approval.  State permit fee is $25.00.

• Once approved by the state, contract with Pour Masters,  Our exclusive Bartending Service to pour at your event.