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Book your wedding at the Glendale Civic Center and dazzle your family and friends with a night of unforgettable memories. Our collection of beautifully-manicured private gardens, charming courtyards and dazzling ballrooms provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate or extravagant wedding of your design. To set the stage for exquisite photos, we also offer several options for romantic lighting to enhance your event. You and your guests will dine in style as our exclusive on-site caterer delivers an unforgettable culinary experience prepared with the most flavorful and fresh ingredients. Several menu options are available on our customized wedding packages. Our staff of experienced professionals will work with you to create your once-in-a-lifetime, happily-ever-after celebration.

7 Ways to Reinvent and Throw a Safe, Socially Distanced Wedding & Reception during COVID-19

The Civic Center wants you to have a memorable wedding along with an amazing guest experience, all the while keeping everyone safe during these uncertain times. Even though the Arizona Governors Executive Order still states that no more than 50 people can gather at an event, the Civic Center is working our magic to help you still have your (modified) dream wedding!

Here are 7 creative ideas to have a safe and social distanced wedding at the Glendale Civic Center that won’t make you feel like you are sacrificing your dream wedding or reception!!

1. Narrow down your ceremony guest list down to those 50 people closest to you. We suggest you choose those most likely to bring the best gifts!

2. Live stream your wedding to the guests who are unable to come. Our Audio-Visual Team at Glendale Civic Center is the best and they can help you reach all your family and guests, even if they are states or countries away.

3. Let our Event Coordinators design you a creative customized socially distanced wedding ceremony and reception floor plan. By sitting families together and spacing out chairs we can make it happen!

4. Choose a plated dinner over buffet choices. Arizona Catering servers will deliver covered meal to all your guests. Keeps everyone safer and it gives the dinner a high-end look and feel.

5. Still want to include more people for your reception. Consider an open house style wedding reception by allowing several groups to attend for a period, at different times. Groups of 50 guests are given an arrival time and an ending time so you can celebrate with all of them throughout the day. Just allow time for the Civic Center to clean and sanitized between groups. It’s just like having two or three different parties!

6. Cut the rug near your table! By removing the dance floor, this will help eliminate the space and the temptation for people to gather to dance in one area. Everyone can dance near their table while they still showcase their best dance moves! With a little creativity from the DJ, there are many more fun, creative activities you and your guests can do.

7. Consider shortening the traditional 6-hour reception down to 4-5 hours. The shorter reception time, the less time your guests will have to relax their mindfulness on physical distancing and safety guidelines. Your day will be just as special.

This new normal and social distancing will be no surprise for you and your guests. While hugs, kisses and handshakes will be off limits, the important thing is, it’s your wedding day and the Civic Center will do our absolute best to help you have a safe and memorable day!


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