Providing Your Own Food and Non- Alcoholic Beverage

Outside Food and Non- Alcoholic Beverage

While the Glendale Civic Center has an exclusive caterer, we will allow events of 80 people or less to provide their own food and non- alcoholic beverage inside the Civic Center Annex building.

Clients may provide their own food and non-alcoholic beverages from a licensed City of Glendale business or restaurant. Only restaurant or store-bought food and non-alcoholic beverage is permitted. Caterers may provide drop off service only. No food  can be cooked on the premises. No homemade food and beverage is allowed.

As the safety of all guests to the Glendale Civic Center is of our utmost concern, it is imperative that all rules and regulations for food preparation and service set forth by the Maricopa County Department of Health Services be followed.  The client is responsible for the safe preparation, delivery and handling, and dispensing of the items provided to your guests.  This includes food provided by you or dropped off from a local business or licensed caterer. The client assumes all responsibility for the safety of foods during the event or if transferred from the premise, and releases the City of Glendale from any liability from any injuries or illnesses that may occur as a direct result of the food preparation and the products served to your guests.

There are no refrigerators, ice or ice machines, microwaves, stoves or ovens, warmers, towels, serving containers, beverage vessels, serving utensils, flatware, cups, plates, napkins, towels, cleaning items, lighters or sternos available for use. Warming candle sternos and induction burners are allowed. We recommend that you provide ice chests with beverages already iced down.  Glendale Civic Center does not have access to catering equipment.  All vendors must be approved by the Glendale Civic Center.


Arizona Catering is the Glendale Civic Center’s exclusive caterer and holds the TABC Liquor License. No outside alcohol is allowed.  Arizona Catering can provide a hosted bar for a minimum of $2,000.00 plus tax.