Graduation Season is Back!

Glendale Civic Center has once again been filled with graduates hiding those smiling faces behind face masks and guests that are excited to get back to a little normalcy and be able to celebrate one of life’s first big milestones.  With some relaxed CDC guidelines, the Civic Center has been able to host modified and socially distanced graduation events that are taking place in person, inside our ballroom.  With chairs set safely 3 to 6 feet apart and pods of 4 to 6 chairs for families, graduates have been able to make their way across the stage one at a time to receive their diplomas. Many schools welcomed back last year’s 2020 graduates to join this year’s 2021 graduates to celebrate the traditions of graduation ceremonies. Last year graduations were canceling left and right during the pandemic, those that didn’t cancel were holding creative drive by or Zoom graduations.  It was great to see families back together being able to celebrate as their graduates were able to walk across the stage to receive their diploma!