Here at the Glendale Civic Center, we know how much pressure people are under to host the perfect conference. While having a great keynote speaker and many expo partners is an important part, it’s vital to think about the experience each individual guest will have while in attendance. The Glendale Civic Centers’ versatile and spacious venue can give attendee’s an experience they won’t forget. We handle all the small details so you can focus on hosting a great conference! Some tips to put on a great conference are:


  1. Do something unexpected

Give the audience something that is a positive surprise! This gives guests something to talk about and highlight after the conference is over.


  1. Don’t treat guests like cattle

It may be overwhelming to think, but each person has individual needs – people don’t like being treated like a group of cattle. A conference should not feel like a plane ride, people need to take breaks and breathe. To be as accommodating as possible, give people a chance to go off on their own to network, grab a coffee, and check their email.


  1. Look into each and every detail

The person in charge of running a conference may not see every detail, but attendees will. From parking to WiFi speed, guests will pay attention and note all the small details. The Glendale Civic Center can help you make sure each and every guest is taken care of. We offer an ADA- compliant facility and also offer state-of-the-art technology, which ensures your guests will always have access to the internet.


  1. Easy Access Location

Location, location, location! One of the toughest things about conferences is taking into consideration all different needs – from traveling distance and transportation. The Glendale Civic Center is right off the major freeway and has easy access parking.


Glendale Civic Center is here for all and any type of business conference needs! Contact us if you’re interested in hosting your next conference in a convenient and versatile venue.