Selecting the Perfect Caterer for Your Next Event

At the Glendale Civic Center, we exclusively contract with Arizona Catering for all food and beverage services. Our caterer is committed to providing the highest level of excellence in service and cuisine. Through individual attention, we create a unique culinary experience that caters to the needs of our diverse clientele. If you are planning an event, here are our recommendations on how to select the perfect caterer.

Event Needs and Size

Verify with caterers that they can handle the size of your intended event during your first conversation with them. Sometimes, you may need just appetizers and/or just entrees. Your caterer should be able to handle the size of your party without hesitation, given all the details in advance.

Location is key when considering caterers for an event. If the caterer does not usually attend events in your area, they may have difficulty with the venue. Try and find a caterer who knows your venue or at least has experience with a similar venue. Arizona Catering has over 30 years of experience in the greater Phoenix area, so you can rest assured that they are familiar with Valley venues.

Anything can happen during an event and it helps when vendors and staff are flexible with these unforeseen circumstances. When interviewing caterers for the job, ask them about any last minute pieces they might have had to pull together to get a sense of their creative problem solving and planning abilities.

Here at the Glendale Civic Center, we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional quality food and beverages with impeccable service. You will find no one more committed to providing you with the highest quality, comprehensive food and beverage program than Arizona Catering. For more information about our catering services and event spaces, please visit our website.