Planning the Perfect Meeting

Whether you’re pitching to prospective clients or holding an annual company meeting, the space you choose to host your business meeting needs to exceed expectations. Instead of worrying about the venue space, focus on your business presentation. To be prepared for your event, consider the following:

Plan an Agenda
Although it may sound simple, many people don’t prepare an agenda for their meeting or event. Providing a general schedule sets expectations and builds excitement for what’s coming up. The agenda should also relate back to the overall objective of the meeting or event.

Define Participant Expectations
Be sure you let participants know what is expected of them during the meeting/event. If you want participants to speak up, explain at what point during the schedule that will be encouraged. Giving participants time to talk with each other can also foster brainstorming and collaboration.

Review Decisions and Receive Feedback
At the conclusion of the meeting, it is critical for everyone to review the decisions that have been made. Allow your participants to give feedback on their experiences and provide input for future meetings/events. Review specific action items that need to take place, and be sure to follow up with attendees.

Here at Glendale Civic Center, we understand that managing a meeting or event can come with stress. Our experienced staff will make sure your meeting or event goes smooth. Let’s start a discussion, contact us today!